Who We Are

Indiana Total Therapy, Inc., a subsidiary of Indiana Regional Medical Center, currently operates three (3) clinics located in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Indiana Total Therapy is committed to providing our community with a highly skilled, dedicated, and caring team of professionals, cumulating over 100-years total experience, giving the best possible rehabilitation care available anywhere. Indiana Total Therapy offers traditional Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services, as well as offering numerous specialty services, within new clinics housing modern equipment specialized for rehabilitation care. In accord with the APTA, AOTA, and ASHA, Indiana Total Therapy recognizes a special obligation to empower, educate, and enable those with impairments, activity limitations, participating restrictions, and disabilities to facilitate greater independence, health, wellness, and an enhanced quality of life. Central to these objectives, are our core values; compassion, integrity, altruism, professional duty, excellence, accountability, and social responsibility. Indiana Total Therapy believes it is able to provide the best possible rehabilitation care available anywhere because we work as a team of highly skilled and caring individuals to the benefit of our patients, their caregivers and families, and our professional colleagues.