Total Knee Replacement

My name is Mary T. I received my second round of therapy at Indiana Total Therapy after having to have a second Total Knee Replacement in May due to original surgeon’s error and VERY poor therapy results at another local therapy facility.

The original therapy for my TKR was done at a local facility. I experienced 5 months of very little progress, great pain, much swelling, and limited movement. I decided I needed a second opinion as to why there was such limited improvement. I went to the Bone and Joint Center in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hamlin knew immediately after reviewing X-rays that there was a sizing issue with the original implant. He performed surgery in early May. He had to completely re-do the complete knee surgery.

At this point I made the decision to receive the second round of therapy at INDIANA TOTAL THERAPY on Shelly Drive in Indiana. It was the BEST decision I could ever have made!

At my initial meeting with Dennis the Director, I was very apprehensive due to the poor therapy I had received the first time. He was told how much pain, swelling, and stiffness I had experienced. He told me at this meeting I would NEVER be pushed to a pain level which would cause me to scream, cry, or roll into a ball due to therapy. He was true to his word!!!! I was also told that Dr. Hamlin would be contacted if there was little progress after 2 weeks of therapy. This call did not have to be made. From the very beginning I made great progress. I never had to carry tissues to wipe away tears during therapy due my leg being forced to attempt to do the impossible. Dennis, Sue, and Mary Beth are some of the most professionals I have ever encountered.

My experience at ITT is the direct opposite of what I had experienced at the other local therapy facility. During the 3 months of therapy at this facility I had many opportunities to observe the high quality of therapy the dedicated staff provides to their clients. The staff is caring and strives to meet each individual’s needs and schedules.

When I compare ITT with my first facility, I can only say there is HUGE difference in the quality of therapy provided. The first facility had very limited equipment and just kept doing the same exercises over and over with limited improvement over an extended period of 5 months. ITT constantly changed and added new exercises and machines for workout which enabled me to make such great progress. I was constantly challenged and to achieve a higher level of movement. Another thing I observed was the way ITT therapists approached the knee bending and stretching of the hamstring. NEVER was the knee pounced on and held down nor was the knee shoved straight back and held beyond what was bearable. Therapy was delivered with compassion and encouragement at all times.

When I saw Dr. Hamlin for my 3 month post-surgery check-up, he had the HIGHEST PRAISE for the therapy I received at ITT. I am grateful for a wonderful doctor and ITT for the wonderful care they have provided. They have given me a quality of life which will only continue to improve.

If you are in need of physical therapy, I can only say this is a facility which will provide you with very high quality therapy. It has my highest recommendation!!!

-Mary T.