Spinal Surgery

My name is Fred P. I had spinal surgery January 2012. I was in a Pittsburgh hospital for about 2 weeks. I was transported to Indiana hospital for 2 weeks for physical therapy. I came home and had home therapy for about one month. I went to physical therapy until June or July. I had hit a plateau and was not improving anymore. Later in the year I started to go backwards. My doctor advised I start back to therapy. I came to Total Therapy. I was doing land therapy. It was helping but not enough improvement. The therapist talked and said they wanted me to start aqua therapy. It was the best solution. I have improved drastically. I was using a walker. They got me a walker with wheels. I was able to get around much better. I now use a cane at home even outside in my yard. All the people have been great. They are very encouraging. I thank these people for everything they have done for me.

-Fred P.