Left Arm Impingement and Bursitis

Hi I’m Bonnie S. and I am here to tell you how Indiana Total Therapy helped me in my rehabilitation. About a year and half ago I started experiencing some loss of range of motion in my left arm. I could not lift it any higher than my chest. It started hurting more and the range of motion got to the point where I could not even lift it at all. I was miserable and it got to the point where I could not do my activities of daily living. I had a hard time exercising, sleeping, lifting and doing sport related activities. I had a hard time playing with my nieces. Which I enjoy a great deal. I went to see my physician and he had me stretching and gave me a cortisone shot. Well I ended up going through 2 more shots and months later I was told that I would need surgery.

I chose to have the surgery as I knew I was not getting any better. I had it in January of this year. To find out that I had bursitis, adhesions, impingement and a very small tear. I was told that I would need to do therapy and it would be a long rehab. I had heard good things about Indiana Total Therapy and a therapist there that I wanted to see. So 2 wks. after my surgery I began my rehabilitation. I went two times a week to present. Paul my therapist started me out with a few exercises and stretches and gradually worked me in doing more each visit. He worked me very hard to get my range of motion back.

I saw myself progressing each week and at my surprise I was pain free and am able to exercise again, run and play with my nieces, lift weights and just in general use my arm again. I am still doing the therapy and continuing to get stronger and better each day. I knew it was going to be a long process, but it is so much worth it.

My physician told me at my last visit that he was very pleased at how I was progressing and contributed it to a very good therapy program. I have no complaints about anything through this whole process. I would “HIGHLY” recommend Indiana Total Therapy. Also, Indiana Total Therapy and their entire staff were very caring and generous to my needs and my schedule. They did an excellent job.

I would also like to recognize my therapist (Paul) who without him I would not be where I am now. He did an excellent job. With a positive attitude, staff and hard work you can do anything.

Thank you Paul and ITT staff, from my family and myself. You have given me back the ability to do the simple things in life.

-Bonnie S.