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April 2013 – Total Hip Replacement

I am 52 and just last year the aching pain in my hip was constant. I also started limping all the time. I had stopped doing the simple things I loved like taking a walk with my family. I knew it was time to finally get my hip replaced. I started doing pre-operative physical therapy at Indiana Total Therapy (ITT). Dennis Schultz and the staff at ITT were warm, friendly and encouraging. They worked on getting my upper body strong to help me get around after surgery and strengthening what range of motion I still had in my hip. I felt so ready for surgery. Dr. David Bizousky from the Center for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (COSM) did my surgery. The surgery went so smoothly and my pain was controlled the whole time. Dr. Bizousky did a great job! I was up walking the same day as my surgery with a walker. I went home in 3 days/2 nights. I switched to a cane on day 4 and went back to physical therapy that day. At ITT, I got stronger and I head to learn how to walk again (without a limp). Regular therapy was the key to my success. The staff at ITT continued to push me to achieve greater mobility and range of motion. I went off my cane the second week and never looked back. I can now do everything I used to do around the house and am taking 4 miles walks! This was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I am no longer in pain and have resumed my active lifestyle. We are so lucky to have such great surgeons and therapists in our own backyard! COSM and ITT changed my life for the better!

Janie M. April 26, 2016

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June 2013 – T5-6 myelopathy with osteophyte s/p spinal decompression with anterior fusion and cage; dural tear s/p repair and muscle graft

My name is Fred P. I had spinal surgery January 2012. I was in a Pittsburgh hospital for about 2 weeks. I was transported to Indiana hospital for 2 weeks for physical therapy. I came home and had home therapy for about one month. I went to physical therapy until June or July. I had Read More

Fred P.