World Class Rehabilitation Care

3 Convenient Locations:
• ITT West & Balance and Concussion Center
• ITT at the Human Motion Institute
• ITT Blairsville

Mission Statement

Indiana Total Therapy is committed to providing our community with a highly skilled, dedicated, and caring team of professionals giving the best possible rehabilitation care available anywhere.

Core Values

In accord with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and the SpeechLanguage-Hearing Association (ASHA), we recognize our special obligation to empower, educate, and enable those with impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, and disabilities to facilitate greater independence, health, wellness, and an enhanced quality of life. Central to these objectives, are our core values which include compassion, integrity, altruism, professional duty, excellence, accountability, and social responsibility.

Guiding Principles

We are committed to excellent patient care, customer service and communication in these ways:

• We respect the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals.
• We are trustworthy and compassionate in addressing the rights and needs of all patients.
• We are accountable for making sound judgments.
• We demonstrate integrity in our relationships with patients, families, colleagues, other health care providers, and the public. We are accountable to our own personal and professional growth through continuing education and training, community awareness and involvement, and research in these ways:
• We are committed to lifelong learning and the refinement of knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional behaviors.
• We promote organizational behaviors and business practices that benefit patients and society.
• We fulfill our legal and professional obligations.
• We promote efforts to meet the health needs of people locally, nationally, and globally.

Indiana Total Therapy believes it is able to provide the best possible rehabilitation care available anywhere because we work as a team of highly skilled and caring people to the benefit of our patients, their caregivers, their families, and our professional colleagues.

Vision Statement

“World Class Rehabilitation Care”
…ranked among the world’s best; outstanding.

“World Class Staff”
…Facility Directors cumulating over 25 years of experience, providing extensive knowledge and skill sets.

“World Class Service”
…offering traditional Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services. In addition, offering numerous specialty services: Pediatric Rehabilitation, Aquatic Therapy, Vestibular and Balance Therapy, Concussion Management, Parkinson’s disease Treatment, Lymphedema Care, Hand Therapy, Certified Athletic Training Services, Women’s Care, and Pre-Work Screenings.

“World Class Access”
…strive to schedule your initial evaluation within 24 to 48 hours.

“World Class Customer Service”
…beginning with your initial call to the clinic, until your day of discharge, our staff provides a welcoming and friendly environment, flexibility with scheduling, management of rehabilitation prescriptions’, insurance verification and authorization, and timely answers to billing issues and questions.

“World Class Facilities”
…clinics are new, with modern equipment specialized for rehabilitation care. Convenient access to all locations, providing close-to-door parking, and front door drop-off.

On behalf of each and every employee of Indiana Total Therapy, it is an honor and a pleasure to have you as our patient. Every day we will strive to achieve the goal of providing
“World Class Rehabilitation Care!”

Dennis Schultz, PT

Director of Rehabilitation Services

Our Medical Directors

Craig C. McKirgan, D.O.

Craig C. McKirgan, D.O.

Eric Bohn, D.O.

Eric Bohn, D.O.

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